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Our experience and trust starts with our founder, Nick Leffler. He's been a professional Instructional Designer and Learning & Development professional since 2009 and building websites since the 1990's. He's been an innovator in website technology from mobile-first to higher levels of security on every website.

You can find Nick's courses on Udemy, Skillshare, and many other proprietary platforms. When you're trying to reach an audience these platforms are fine as they have a build-in marketplace. It comes at the expense of losing control of your knowledge.

Nick Leffler - coursePlatform.dev

Nick Leffler

Course Platform Developer Founder

Knowledge Online

Expertise In Sharing Your Knowledge Online

Sharing your knowledge effectively online isn't as easy as you might think. It requires a well thought out outline, full coverage of important topics (don't leave (m)any stone(s) unturned), and a great platform that helps people learn about your knowledge and take your course.

The platform is only half the battle of course development online and sharing your knowledge online. There are lots of platforms that allow you to sign up and start building. They don't ensure success, though. Only a seasoned veteran in Learning & Development can help you build a good course and a platform that fits it.

Having a website and course platform combined that you own is essential to your longterm success. That way you get to own the experience and own your audience.

You get expertise with Course Platform Developers because Nick has been published on Learning Solutions Magazine, on a full-spread Elearning! magazine article, and in Show Your Work by Jane Bozarth. He is also part of the Learning & Development team who has put DaVita on the Training top 100 list several times.

Own the experience, your content, and your audience.

Web Design That Reaches Your Audience, Shows Your Expertise, And Creates Students

A good course platform for sharing your knowledge online isn't just about the course, it's also about an amazing website that communicates your expertise in your field. Our founder and driving passion is rooted in impactful web design that is goal-driven. Not only that but Nick has been working with WordPress for nearly a decade and even spoken at a local WordCamp (a local WordPress conference).

We want to make sure your knowledge doesn't get overlooked from a bad website. The course platform we build for you starts at a powerful website that helps the public make the transition into students for your content. From visitor to your website to a paying student, the platform that we will build for you  is impactful and makes sure your expertise has the best chance possible to spread throughout the world.

Reach people with your website and turn them into students of your courses with one seamless process that you own entirely.

Web Design

Our Course Platform Stack

The technology we use to build your course platform is at the root of your website and course. That's why we only use the best of the best. Our priorities are speed, security, search optimization, and high conversions from visitors to students. This course platform stack also makes it easy for you to set up your courses and own and control the entire process including your student data.

WP Courseware

Beaver Builder & Themer

Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder

Astra Pro & Beaver Builder Theme

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Pro

Fluent Forms Pro

SEOPress Pro


WP Rocket

The only thing you'll need for your website and course platform that we build you is a video hosting platform. We would never try to replicate something that needs to be so finely tunes for video. This is something that even course platforms can't do as well as companies like Vimeo, YouTube, or Wistia. We'll work with you to choose the best video hosting platform for any videos you create.

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