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Learning and career development is in the hands of each individual more now than ever. There are tons of resources online to grow personally and professionally. And because everybody is an expert in something, there are tons of opportunities to share that with knowledge with others.

We’re lucky that we can share knowledge in an instant and find an audience who’s interested in what we’re selling. The internet has made it all possible because it’s the perfect medium for sharing our expertise with the world.

There are tons of places where you can share your knowledge on the internet. Some of those places are better than others. You can post free videos or text anywhere from YouTube to social media. It’s easier than ever to share information but sometimes you want to go a bit further by benefiting from sharing your knowledge.

Courses are a popular way of doing that. There are tons of different places where you can share your courses too. Unfortunately there are more places looking to profit from your desire to share your knowledge and take a share of your earnings.

Course marketplaces like Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, and others are great for reaching a built-in audience, but they’re overcrowded, sometimes have poor quality, and take some of your profits.

While course marketplaces have their place, there are more drawbacks to them than benefits. Then there’s building your own course on your own website. That’s a great solution but it also has a steep learning curve. There are lots of things that can go wrong if you aren’t a technical person or aren’t an expert in WordPress or other learning platforms.

That’s why we decided to help you own the process of sharing your knowledge with the world. We want to put you in charge of your courses and students by building you a course platform that integrates with your website. Our goal is to free you from the burdens of others and put you in charge of your knowledge.

We come with a lot of expertise in the online instruction world and website design.

Who’s Behind Course Platform Developers?

My name is Nick Leffler and I’m the founder and developer behind Course Platform Developers. I’ve been building websites since 1994 or so. I definitely don’t build websites like it’s 1994 anymore, though, and don’t really hold onto any standards from those days. That wouldn’t make me a very good web designer since the internet evolves so fast.

Instead, I’ve been at the forefront of innovating in website design including being involved in the WordPress ecosystem. I choose to work with WordPress because it’s versatile, secure, and is a powerful platform for both website design and a course platform.

I’ve built courses on Udemy, Skillshare, instructional YouTube videos, and standalone courses that were essentially just content pages linked to each other. That doesn’t make me much of an expert in online learning, though.

My expertise in online learning comes from more than the past decade as an Instructional Designer. I’ve been part of the DaVita IT Learning & Development department for the better part of that decade. I graduated from the MSIDT program at California State University, Fullerton and learned a great deal about actual online instruction.

Of course getting a degree in the topic is only part of the battle. I’ve been building online instruction in various forms also. So, I’m not just into the theory of it but I’m a practicing Instructional Designer in both the corporate world and online freelance world.

I have a lot of expertise that will allow me to build you an amazing course platform that you will own entirely. No earnings share, no mysteriously changing platforms, no terms of service changes. I’ll build you the course platform and take care of all the hosting and maintenance for you.

What Are We All About?

We’re all about building you a course platform that you own. Our goal is for you to own your knowledge but have the tools and platform to teach the world.

Since we believe there’s no better platform online for the versatility of the modern internet, we work solely with WordPress and our course platform of choice is WP Courseware.

Because we build your course platform just for you that also means we can customize it just for you. We want you to stand out by having a website that is unique and the ability to create a lasting impact on your students.

Not only that but because we build your course platform, we also put you in charge of your knowledge and all your data. That means you will own your website, course content, student data, analytics, and everything else.

The only thing that you will need in addition to the custom platform we build you is a video hosting platform and perhaps an email marketing platform. We can even work with you to build an email marketing platform right into your website so you can do email marketing that drives leads to your course.

The course platform has student and course emails built in but it’s not a general email marketing platform. That’s why you can either choose an external email marketing platform or to work with us to integrate it into your website.

If you do more live training than pre-created courses then we can build your course platform that way too. We’re all about customizing your learning management system to work the way you need it to from website to course platform. That means live instructor-led training that you can sell or even one-on-one consulting sessions.

If live sessions is more your thing then we can build the platform for showing your sessions, allowing students to view and enroll then send out the invites. You just need to provide the platform for training whether it’s Zoom or WebEx.

Why Are We Doing This?

The simple reason? To empower you and give you ownership of your content.

Our goal is to allow you to do things you never could before in your own custom environment that you own. There’s nothing more important online than owning your online presence and your knowledge. Relying on another party whether it be Facebook or Teachable is never a good long term strategy.

Not only are we well-equipped to do this for you but you’ll end up with a course platform that’s superior to any other platform. We work with only the best WordPress plugins and our stack has been finely tuned over many years. It’s not only fast and secure but it’s also feature-rich and easy for you to use.

Whether you’re building a landing page to sell your new course or collecting leads through a custom form, we got you covered on the website side. If it’s custom course pages with rich content and quizzes that you’re looking to create, we got you there too.


From our humble beginnings in the early days of the web to a role as a professional Instructional Designer and web designer, we’re ready to build a custom course platform for you.

If you’re interested in owning your knowledge and want to start the conversation to do so then let us know you’d like to work together.

We’ll also be writing a lot of content about course platforms, creating courses, and using your website to market your courses. You can subscribe to our newsletter (below) to learn more information or just head back to our website to see what content we’ve created that interests you.

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